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I used Nolvadex for breast cancer treatment. I was diagnosed 6 years ago and this was probably the hardest time in my whole life. Still I was lucky to have a lot of support of all my friends and relatives, they helped me to get through.

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I started taking this medicine after abnormal mammogram and biopsy found precancerous cells. I have really bad hot flashes several times a month, some joint and leg pain. My menstrual cycle is regular but I experience nose bleeds the week before. My hair started to thin about 3 months after starting this medication, that has pretty much subsided and I am going on one year now. I do get a little more irritable than usual but all in all things are pretty manageable now. So only 4 years to go!

We have been working with 17 pharmaceutical firms and manufacturers of dietary supplements, cosmetic merchandise and medical units. Beneath the Canada Health Act, prescribed drugs administered in Canadian hospitals are provided without charge to the affected person. Most Canadians have some access to insurance coverage protection for prescription drugs by way of a patchwork of public and/or personal insurance plans.
This means that as many as 30 per cent of all private plan beneficiaries are public sector workers whose benefits are delivered by non-public health insurers however paid from common tax revenues.
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