Richard Moxley This is proof Barack Obama cared more about destroying Trump then he did this country it's the first time I've ever heard I'm a sitting president trying to hurt a newly elected president it might not be a crime but it's in moral and should be a crime to do anything that helps destroy Americahe should go down in history as the worst president in American history

Maria Mauro Acosta Again, President-Elect Trump was NOT warned of their concerns about General Flynn ... yet Senator Dianne Feinstein got a pass when a Chinese Spy was found to be a long-term associate/employee of hers and Hillary Clinton was warned about her campaign as well.WHY - A - DIFFERENT - SET - OF - RULES - FOR - TRUMP?

Sandy Weeks What else did they not pass on to the Trump administration? They put this country in jeopardy just because they were throwing a temper tantrum. There's Twilight actor Gregory Tyree Boyce Death-Dead: Gregory Boyce Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown. in that bunch that is dangerous and needs to be rooted out or we will never be safe again.

Central Campbell firefighter Whitney Craig Death - Dead :  Whitney Craig Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown. -Dead  / Obituary : Shad Gaspard may have passed away.
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Central Campbell firefighter Whitney Craig Death - Dead :  Whitney Craig Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.
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Drummer for The Spells Hoyt March Death - Dead :  Hoyt March Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

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